Choosing A Birthday Present For A Do-It-Yourselfer

If you need to buy a birthday present for the Do-It-Yourselfer in your family, by far the best choice is “a power tool”! You just can’t go wrong giving a power tool (especially if it’s a quality one like a Makita impact driver, a McLane lawn edger, or a Black & Decker alligator lopper) to a person who likes to fix, maintain, and build things around their house.

My own family knows this, and it makes their birthday gift buying for me very, very easy! The only decision they have to make is which one to give. And to be honest, to me, it really won’t matter. I love to get presents that I can actually use and enjoy using!

My guess is that power tools (whether they are gas-powered or electric-powered) are at the top of almost every true Do-It-Yourselfer’s birthday present wish list. Often we will know of several different ones that we would love to have (perhaps even to the point where we are purposefully dropping hints as to how valuable and useful such and such tool would be to the family, or even shamefully contemplating whether giving such and such a tool to our spouse for their birthday present would be a good idea). However, because of the cost, we usually put off buying the power tool for ourselves. A Do-It-Yourselfer’s birthday gives you a great excuse for spending a little more to buy a gift that will make the Do-It-Yourselfer’s eyes sparkle!

There is also a hidden value to the giver in buying a power tool for a birthday gift. When a serious Do-It-Yourselfer receives a power tool, he or she will be bound and determined to complete some project with the new gift just to see how well the new tool works. So if you’ve been wanting your husband to expand the size of the closet in your bedroom so you’ll have more storage space, giving him a Milwaukee reciprocating saw may be just the incentive he needs to remodel your closet. Or perhaps, you would really like to get your bathroom re-grouted so it will look better, giving a Dremel rotary tool might do the trick!

Really there are a wide variety of options out there so never thing that they already have everything as they could always use another power tool. Plus, these tools are all highly thought of which increases the odds that he or she will like them too.

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