Christmas Presents for Children: Help Is At Hand

What will my six year old niece enjoy playing with? What would be an enjoyable and different gift for my ten year old grandson?

Chances are that this Christmas you need to buy a gift for a child. For many people this is a daunting prospect. You may not have children of your own. You might have children of different ages or genders or it may just be a long time since your own kids left the nest.

Where to start in an ever more complicated toy market? The easy-opt out is to give money or gift vouchers, but that’s a poor answer. There is little in the world which compares to seeing the joy on a child’s face as they open an exiting new discovery on Christmas Day and start to imagine the new experiences that it will bring.

So how do you find the right gift? Major chains of toy retailers are little help. If you can track down a member of staff, then the chances are they have no personal experience of the toy in question and can give you very little input into its suitability.

That’s where your small independent toy store comes into its own. Despite the erosion in the number of these outlets in recent years, you’ll still find one in most towns. So why can they provide that inspiration?

Well, for a start, the people who work there know their products. Chances are they made the decision to stock the product themselves. That process involves research and meeting face to face with the people who supply them. They’ve handled the toy themselves; know what it does and who it’s right for.

Their small size means that they generally receive better direct feedback from customers and are better placed to make informed recommendations. They have better knowledge of how gifts go down. For instance does a toy sell well only because it’s well marketed, or does it sell well because children use it and come back again and again for more items from the same line?

The surprising thing to learn as well is that they probably aren’t as motivated by profit as the major chains are. Why? Well it’s simple. They want you back at birthday time, they want you back next Christmas, and so on. How do they achieve that? Only if the customer themselves gets good feedback from the child in question. As a result they go out of their way to make the best job of recommendation they possibly can. They can’t afford to sell you the wrong thing for the sake of a few pennies.

Need something unusual? The child has “everything”. Independent toy stores often can’t compete on the major brands. They need to think outside the box to survive. If you need something that’s different and inspiring then there is a fair bet they can come up with the very present your looking for.

Get the right presents this year by getting advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Visit your local independent toy retailer.

Presentation Folder Printing

Okay, so you have information packs or such like to give to clients but have nothing to put in them? Okay, good. Now what you need is Presentation Folders to put them in!

So what sort of things should you be thinking about when you you need some folders printed?

* Well first off you need to decide how big you need them, A4 or A5.

* Then you should think about the image you are trying to portray, if your target market is more the younger generation go with gloss as this will attract them. One the other hand, Matt will give a luxury, professional look to your folders.

* Double or single sided printing? Well, obviously single sided will cost less but think about those extra key messages you can get across with printing on the inside too!

* Artwork. This is almost one of them most factors to think about. You must get all the relevant onto it, however you need to keep your design attractive and one that also is in keeping with your current brand look.

5mm Gusset or not? If you have more than approx. 10-15 sheets to put in your folder then you should thinking about upgrading to the folder with a 5mm gusset to allow a lot more information to be held within.

Once you have worked through that list and made your choices, you should contact a professional graphic design agency to complete your artworking. This will streamline the process when it comes to printing.

I hope this gives you an insight to what sort of things to consider when looking at folder printing.

Presentations Tip 01 – It’s Not About You

To be a more effective presenter make your presentation about your audience. How can you create a presentation that is about your audience?

Know your audience

First, you need to understand their mindset, concerns, comprehension, interest, bias and motivation. I suggest that you list those six factors, then beside each write a few words describing your audience. That will help you develop a more relevant presentation. Most important among these are their mindset and motivation because these two factors will tell you how much you need to move them and how best to do that.

Restate your goal

Second, state your goal in terms of what you want your audience to do – not what you want to do.

This is a subtle but important mind shift for you. The effect on your audience is significant.

For example:

Your goal is not for you to sell – it is for them to buy.

Your goal is not for you to win the election – it is for them to vote for you.

Your goal is not for you to get approval – it is for them to give you approval.

This audience centered focus is an important mindset for you to adopt when developing and delivering your presentation. It will help you decide what to include and help you choose more powerful words.

With a clear goal and clear understanding of the gap you can then develop your presentation to help your audience give you what you want from them.

Remember you can’t make them do anything. You can only persuade them to act of their own free will in the direction that you want.

Your presentation is not about you. It’s about your audience.