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Tips for High School Teachers with ADHD Students: Presenting Your Lesson

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Thank you to all of our professional educators who dedicate themselves to our children! We know how difficult it can be working with ADHD children, so here are your teacher tips for the week, brought to you by the ADHD Information Library and This is a sampling of over 500 classroom interventions for your use at
Here are some tips on presenting your lesson ADHD students. Remember, the best interventions are the ones that will help all of your students be more successful, not just the ADHD students.
Try to provide an outline with the key concepts or vocabulary prior to lesson presentation. The students can follow along and see the main concepts and terms as you present the lesson.
ADHD kids are easily bored, even by you. Try to increase the pace of lesson presentation. Resist the temptation to get sidetracked. Get excited about your lesson! And communicate your excitement to your students!
Include a variety of learning activities during each lesson. Use multi-sensory presentations, but screen audio?visual aids to be sure that distractions are kept to a minimum. For example, be sure interesting pictures and or sounds relate directly to the material to be learned. Many teachers are now using PowerPoint presentations or Astound presentations for their students with great effect.
Provide self-correcting materials for immediate feedback to the ADD ADHD student.
Use computer assisted instruction, both in terms of the student at a computer, and also in terms of presenting information via PowerPoint presentations.
Use cooperative learning activities, particularly those that assign each teen in a group a specific role or piece of information that must be shared with the group. Pair students to check work. Provide peer tutoring to help ADD ADHD student’s review concepts.
Let ADD ADHD students share recently learned concepts with struggling peers. Use peer tutoring whenever possible. Older students to help your attention deficit students, and perhaps allowing him to tutor a younger student.
The more exciting a subject is to an ADD ADHD students, the better he will learn.
Hopefully these will help the ADHD students in your classroom to be more successful. You can learn more about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder at the ADHD Information Library.

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Focus Your Real Estate Marketing on Getting Your Prospect to Your Private Real Estate Presentation

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Selling or renting real estate is a game of competition. In any market, but particularly in a market like we have been in, it is imperative that you take qualified prospects and usher them into your private presentation domain. We will focus in other articles about how to attract qualified prospects, but for now let’s focus on why you need to get them away from the competition and over to your presentation arena.

By Presentation, we mean any and all mediums you choose to use to present your property in the very best light. What happens when you succeed in getting a Prospect your presentation?

First, you are in a focused environment that is protected from the overcrowded marketplace. You can’t control the way your competitors are going to present their products. You can only control the way you want to present. The marketplace is loud and crazy and competitors are willing to do things that you wouldn’t do just to get ahead. A confused mind is one that will not make a decision. You need to attract them to an environment where all of there focus is on just your Presentation.

Second, you get to present the story the way you want it presented and not the way a listing service says it should be presented. Buyers and renters are hungry for information and will appreciate a different approach. Aggregators and their systems work because they deliver a uniform product to users across all properties. Unfortunately, they sacrifice pizzazz and creativity along the way. You as the property Seller or Renter suffer.

Third, when you control the process, you can guarantee that you will be at your most persuasive 100 percent of the time. This is because you are going to force prospects to listen to your story only after you have polished it and locked it into place. We are not talking about a physical live presentation here. Rather, a pre-prepared presentation that can iterate over and over. No worries about having a bad day, or a sleepless night, or personal problems. Your prospects are going to listen to you every time when you are the most compelling.

Fourth, your presentation will allow you to market on something other than price. Aggregation services, although beneficial to the user/prospect, present lots of competing products in a fashion where everyone looks the same. Unfortunately, the default selection criteria for Prospects in this environment is often–price. By getting your Prospect in front of only your presentation, it will give you the opportunity to persuade someone that your property is special enough that they should pay more than competitors are willing to offer their properties.

Finally, in a protected, focused environment, you can offer your prospect the immediate opportunity to view your real estate, after they have been marketed to and are excited about your property.

As we like say, help your Prospects to get from confusion and uncertainty to focused and directed. Focus all of your marketing on persuading your prospects to come to your private real estate message, whether that is a website or a pre-recorded 800 telephone number. At this point you have the highest chance of capturing a great Prospect for your rental or sale.

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Christmas Presents for Children: Help Is At Hand

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What will my six year old niece enjoy playing with? What would be an enjoyable and different gift for my ten year old grandson?

Chances are that this Christmas you need to buy a gift for a child. For many people this is a daunting prospect. You may not have children of your own. You might have children of different ages or genders or it may just be a long time since your own kids left the nest.

Where to start in an ever more complicated toy market? The easy-opt out is to give money or gift vouchers, but that’s a poor answer. There is little in the world which compares to seeing the joy on a child’s face as they open an exiting new discovery on Christmas Day and start to imagine the new experiences that it will bring.

So how do you find the right gift? Major chains of toy retailers are little help. If you can track down a member of staff, then the chances are they have no personal experience of the toy in question and can give you very little input into its suitability.

That’s where your small independent toy store comes into its own. Despite the erosion in the number of these outlets in recent years, you’ll still find one in most towns. So why can they provide that inspiration?

Well, for a start, the people who work there know their products. Chances are they made the decision to stock the product themselves. That process involves research and meeting face to face with the people who supply them. They’ve handled the toy themselves; know what it does and who it’s right for.

Their small size means that they generally receive better direct feedback from customers and are better placed to make informed recommendations. They have better knowledge of how gifts go down. For instance does a toy sell well only because it’s well marketed, or does it sell well because children use it and come back again and again for more items from the same line?

The surprising thing to learn as well is that they probably aren’t as motivated by profit as the major chains are. Why? Well it’s simple. They want you back at birthday time, they want you back next Christmas, and so on. How do they achieve that? Only if the customer themselves gets good feedback from the child in question. As a result they go out of their way to make the best job of recommendation they possibly can. They can’t afford to sell you the wrong thing for the sake of a few pennies.

Need something unusual? The child has “everything”. Independent toy stores often can’t compete on the major brands. They need to think outside the box to survive. If you need something that’s different and inspiring then there is a fair bet they can come up with the very present your looking for.

Get the right presents this year by getting advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Visit your local independent toy retailer.

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Presentation Folder Printing

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Okay, so you have information packs or such like to give to clients but have nothing to put in them? Okay, good. Now what you need is Presentation Folders to put them in!

So what sort of things should you be thinking about when you you need some folders printed?

* Well first off you need to decide how big you need them, A4 or A5.

* Then you should think about the image you are trying to portray, if your target market is more the younger generation go with gloss as this will attract them. One the other hand, Matt will give a luxury, professional look to your folders.

* Double or single sided printing? Well, obviously single sided will cost less but think about those extra key messages you can get across with printing on the inside too!

* Artwork. This is almost one of them most factors to think about. You must get all the relevant onto it, however you need to keep your design attractive and one that also is in keeping with your current brand look.

5mm Gusset or not? If you have more than approx. 10-15 sheets to put in your folder then you should thinking about upgrading to the folder with a 5mm gusset to allow a lot more information to be held within.

Once you have worked through that list and made your choices, you should contact a professional graphic design agency to complete your artworking. This will streamline the process when it comes to printing.

I hope this gives you an insight to what sort of things to consider when looking at folder printing.

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Online MLM Systems, Tools And Presentations

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Growing a business in the MLM industry can not only be tough, but almost impossible without a system. I am talking about a simple step by step system your team can use to sponsor new reps. Every great MLM team uses a system. A system to generate leads, prospect people and sponsor new reps. Without a system to follow, your personal reps will drop out your company in a flash.

Every great Network Marketer uses three things, systems, tools and presentations. Those three things are usually responsible for growing multimillion dollar MLM organizations. You need tools like websites, autoresponders and even things like business cards to keep a business running.

You need presentations to be able to sponsor a group of people into your MLM company at one time. Without presentations, there is no way of recruiting large numbers of people into your MLM organization at once. As you should know, without recruiting large numbers of people at once, you’re not going to grow a very big team.

Essentially, a system is something you and your team can use to grow your business. Most people can’t think for themselves which means in order to use your team to the max, you must tell them what to do. People are like sheep, it’s a sad fact, but it’s the truth. Another fact is that over fifty percent of your team will never pick up the phone and try and recruit someone.

Instead they just wait around, order some company products and wait a few for months before they leave. After realizing that it actually requires work to make money in MLM, people quit. So, in order to make the most of your team members, you must tell them what to do.

You must give them a system they and their team members can use. A system to generate traffic, leads and sponsor new reps. This can be done by sending your team 15 CDs each week to give out to their friends. This way, they will always have a job to complete. You could even have your team pitch ten people a day on Facebook asking people to visit your MLM company presentation. As long as you have a system in place for new members to recruit, some tools and presentations, you will succeed.

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The Secret Behind Winning Presentations

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Have you noticed how some people manage to make presentations which leave you feeling extremely impressed? You may not know if it’s been the content or the style; but if they were selling, you’d certainly be buying! So what’s their secret?

These presenters know people buy as much on feelings as on facts, so they deliberately design and deliver their presentation to generate particular emotional states in their audience. They:

a) Know what state their audience will be in at the start

b) Decide what state they want them to be in at the end

c) Work out the stepping stone states they need to take them through

d) Lead them through these states in their presentation

By knowing in advance the sequence of these states they’re able to apply the right actions that keep their audience emotionally and mentally engaged with them. Let’s take an example of how you can do this.

Imagine you’re presenting your company’s new service to a group of business people.

a) Define their current state – e.g. Indifferent.

b) Define the desired state – e.g.  Engaged

c) Define the intermediate states – e.g. Skeptical: Curious: Interested

d) Link these states in sequence – e.g. Indifferent – Skeptical – Curious – Interested – Engaged

e) Decide what evidence you need to indicate they are in the state you intend them to be in. e.g. What do you want to hear them say or do?

f) Select an action to move them from one state to the next – e.g. Indifferent – Skeptical:

Talk about a company that has used your new service. (Likely reaction – “Just because it’s worked for them doesn’t mean it’ll work for us.”

Skeptical – Curious:

Pick a specific business issue they are grappling with and show how your service can benefit them. (Likely reaction – “We can see the merits, but can it really work for us?”

Curious – Interested:

Take another of their issues and go into detail about value/cost, modus operandi etc. (Likely reaction – “Yes, we can see the potential and exactly how it could work.”)

Interested – Engaged:

Move into your call for action, whatever that may be.

The actions to lead them through the sequence of states are key. For example, you may conclude that one-to-one meetings might work better at the start, and having a well prepared case-study is essential.

Interestingly as you plan it out you may even realize that a presentation isn’t going to be the best way to get the result you want. And avoiding wasting other people’s time in presentations is a particular value of knowing this secret!

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Choosing A Birthday Present For A Do-It-Yourselfer

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If you need to buy a birthday present for the Do-It-Yourselfer in your family, by far the best choice is “a power tool”! You just can’t go wrong giving a power tool (especially if it’s a quality one like a Makita impact driver, a McLane lawn edger, or a Black & Decker alligator lopper) to a person who likes to fix, maintain, and build things around their house.

My own family knows this, and it makes their birthday gift buying for me very, very easy! The only decision they have to make is which one to give. And to be honest, to me, it really won’t matter. I love to get presents that I can actually use and enjoy using!

My guess is that power tools (whether they are gas-powered or electric-powered) are at the top of almost every true Do-It-Yourselfer’s birthday present wish list. Often we will know of several different ones that we would love to have (perhaps even to the point where we are purposefully dropping hints as to how valuable and useful such and such tool would be to the family, or even shamefully contemplating whether giving such and such a tool to our spouse for their birthday present would be a good idea). However, because of the cost, we usually put off buying the power tool for ourselves. A Do-It-Yourselfer’s birthday gives you a great excuse for spending a little more to buy a gift that will make the Do-It-Yourselfer’s eyes sparkle!

There is also a hidden value to the giver in buying a power tool for a birthday gift. When a serious Do-It-Yourselfer receives a power tool, he or she will be bound and determined to complete some project with the new gift just to see how well the new tool works. So if you’ve been wanting your husband to expand the size of the closet in your bedroom so you’ll have more storage space, giving him a Milwaukee reciprocating saw may be just the incentive he needs to remodel your closet. Or perhaps, you would really like to get your bathroom re-grouted so it will look better, giving a Dremel rotary tool might do the trick!

Really there are a wide variety of options out there so never thing that they already have everything as they could always use another power tool. Plus, these tools are all highly thought of which increases the odds that he or she will like them too.

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Stay Present to Eliminate Stress and Suffering

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Sometimes it seems the more you do, you just can’t seem to get things accomplished. Whatever you do isn’t enough. It just feels like you are on a sinking ship, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Many people feel this way lately. You are not alone. And even when your life is going great, those around you are depressed. Your co-workers, significant other, your children, your friends, can quickly make you feel like them– down trodden.

We pick up these energies because in today’s world we are constantly plugged in. We are picking up signals of those suffering not only in our homes, but in other countries. Technology is delivering to us doom and gloom news through vibrant images even if we choose simply to open our email.

So how do you protect yourself?
You have to constantly ask yourself, “Is this my true feeling or am I picking up other people’s stuff?” In other words, you have to stay present. Be vigilant to your thoughts and feelings. However, this is not what many of us choose to do. We would rather cover them up with old habits, zone out in front of the television, or listen to the person on the phone telling us about their problem, because it’s worse than ours. That’s why tabloid news is so huge. Watching the suffering of others somehow seemingly lessens ours. However, these are not quick fixes like our mind tells us they are. They simply create more suffering.

Stay Awake!

So maybe you say, “It’s not that. I just don’t feel happy anymore. I can’t stay happy, especially with the state of the world. I wish things were like they use to be.”

First of all realize that happiness is not something you need to “get.” Your natural self is happy, whole, perfect and complete. What covers up this natural state is our thoughts. The apathy thoughts like, “It’s useless. It’s all so overwhelming.” These are the voices in our heads that keep us depressed and confused. So it’s important to stay present and be aware.

“So how do I deal with those thoughts? ”

You simply need to observe them without judgment or trying to change them. This is being Mindful. Mindfulness, which is being present, works like a laser to cut through and dissolve those thoughts that do not serve us.

When those thoughts come up that are anything but loving, know it’s the ego mind working overtime. The ego loves turmoil. It keeps you depressed, worried, and most of all in fear. So being aware, is a huge step toward your freedom.

Let go
Many people think if they let go of worry, the world will crash down on them. Not so. You are simply letting go of the thoughts and emotions about whatever you have to do in life. The complaints and resistance.

If you have to get up and go to a job you don’t like or want, let go of thinking, “I hate going to this job.” “I hate the people.” “I hate the traffic.” “I hate my life.” Discriminate, which is what Buddha called, Right Thinking. Is this the ego talking? You will know if it is because the ego always has non-loving thoughts. The great thing about being present, is awareness of these thoughts is enough to allow them to dissolve.

It’s the thoughts that keep us trapped.

First comes the thoughts, followed by emotions, and then often comes an illness from toxic emotions.

We all have to do things in life we would rather not do. But it may be necessary for our survival. So do these things without telling yourself a STORY about the things you must do in life. Release your inner power for more energy by being present and observe if you are telling yourself another story.

When you are aware, you can easily release those tiring thoughts. Suddenly, you will have more vitality. You will discover that you will complete more things in a faster time because you will be in the present moment. And, in each moment, you will find that there is happiness, your natural state.

Use your breath
Your breath is a natural de-stressor, Use your breath to deal with whatever you need to accomplish. Don’t try to control the breath, simply observe and give yourself a short mantra. It can be a spiritual verse or an affirmation, or you can label your breath, “Breathing in, I am calm. Breathing out I am balanced.”

When those overwhelming thoughts come up, be present with them. Refuse to be dragged into the “story.” This is not who you truly are.
You will find your true self, which is whole, perfect and complete when you stay present.

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What Do You Know About Business Presentation Folder Designs?

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These are, indeed, very unique and also very versatile beyond your imagination. The fact of the matter is that business presentation folders are uniquely created by highly-skilled and competent graphic designers of the most renowned online printing companies of the world. Secondly these stunning looking stationery products are created and produced by using a variety of designing tools and techniques efficiently for instance corporate graphics, and textures, as well as images.

Besides, these corporate identity products are efficiently created by using different kinds of corporate logos, and templates, as well as color schemes. Next most noteworthy aspect of these stylish printing items is that these will contain a range of techniques such as foil stamping, UV coating, and free lamination. This is why corporate presentation folders will not only look eye catching but also look versatile beyond your accepted wisdom indeed.

Another important thing about their designs is their cost effectiveness and multipurpose nature. That means they can provide some unique benefits to your business organization on the spot for example increased return on investment, and improved business productivity, as well as increased business identity development. Thus it can be said that these stationery products are truly amongst the most competitive and cost effective printing items on the global market.

Truly speaking, the designs of corporate holders are not only unique but also versatile beyond your imagination. More importantly, these are exceptionally advantageous printing products beyond ones philosophy worldwide. That’s what they can catch the eyes of the general mass worldwide effectively. Online printing firm offers cheap presentation folder printing to its much loved customers worldwide effectively.

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Presentations Tip 01 – It’s Not About You

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To be a more effective presenter make your presentation about your audience. How can you create a presentation that is about your audience?

Know your audience

First, you need to understand their mindset, concerns, comprehension, interest, bias and motivation. I suggest that you list those six factors, then beside each write a few words describing your audience. That will help you develop a more relevant presentation. Most important among these are their mindset and motivation because these two factors will tell you how much you need to move them and how best to do that.

Restate your goal

Second, state your goal in terms of what you want your audience to do – not what you want to do.

This is a subtle but important mind shift for you. The effect on your audience is significant.

For example:

Your goal is not for you to sell – it is for them to buy.

Your goal is not for you to win the election – it is for them to vote for you.

Your goal is not for you to get approval – it is for them to give you approval.

This audience centered focus is an important mindset for you to adopt when developing and delivering your presentation. It will help you decide what to include and help you choose more powerful words.

With a clear goal and clear understanding of the gap you can then develop your presentation to help your audience give you what you want from them.

Remember you can’t make them do anything. You can only persuade them to act of their own free will in the direction that you want.

Your presentation is not about you. It’s about your audience.

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